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We brew for people who love beer

Whether you're a beer expert or just someone who knows what tastes good. We make beer for people who enjoy beer. There's always a food truck available to compliment our family friendly atmosphere. So come, have a seat, drink a few with your friends and enjoy some conversation. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Our Tap List

Events Calendar

  • Sunday October 13


  • Monday October 14

    Margie's Southern Charm/ 12-8pm

  • Tuesday October 15

    Margie's Southern Charm (serving Breakfast starting at 9am) till 8pm

  • Wednesday October 16

    BURGERS AND Q/ 1-8pm :Live Music with Bob Hall 6-8pm

  • Thursday October 17

    Margie's Southern Charm/ 12-8pm

  • Friday October 18

    Smokey G's BBQ/12-9pm

  • Saturday October 19

    Burgers and Q/ 3-9pm :Live Motown pop Band- Coleen and Company Review 6:30-8:30pm