Two Shy Brewing - Worth the Wait Hazy IPA

Worth the Wait Hazy IPA


Originally created to serve at our friends’ wedding after their five-year engagement. Every week they'd wait until Friday to enjoy their beer. We think you'll find this beer worth waiting for!

India Pale Ale, also known as IPA, is a popular style of beer known for its bold, hoppy flavors and aromas. It is believed to have originated in the early 19th century in England, when brewers developed a stronger and more heavily hopped version of pale ale to withstand the long sea journey to India. The extra hops acted as a natural preservative and helped the beer to arrive in good condition, thus the name India Pale Ale.

IPA is typically golden to amber in color, with a medium to strong bitterness and a moderate to high alcohol content. The signature flavors and aromas of IPA come from the use of hops, which can range from floral and citrusy to piney and resinous. In addition to the hops, malt is also an important component of IPA, providing a balance to the bitterness and contributing to the overall flavor and body of the beer.

There are several regional variations of IPA, including English IPA, which tends to be more malty and balanced, and American IPA, which is known for its bold and aggressive hop character. Within the American IPA category, there are further sub-styles such as West Coast IPA and New England IPA, which are differentiated by the types of hops used and the brewing techniques employed.

In recent years, IPA has become one of the most popular styles of craft beer in the United States. American craft breweries have embraced IPA and have experimented with a wide range of hops, creating a diverse range of flavors and aromas. Many breweries now offer a range of IPA styles, including session IPA, double IPA, and triple IPA, which refer to the strength and intensity of the hop character.

IPA has also gained a reputation as a "gateway" style for craft beer enthusiasts, as its bold flavors and aromas can be intimidating to those new to craft beer. However, the popularity of IPA has also led to criticism from some beer drinkers, who argue that the overuse of hops has led to a homogenization of the style and a lack of diversity in the craft beer market.

Despite these criticisms, IPA remains a beloved and iconic style of beer, and its influence can be seen in the wide range of hop-forward beers that have emerged in recent years. From traditional English IPA to the hazy, juicy New England IPA, the India Pale Ale continues to evolve and play a central role in the world of craft beer.

As the craft beer market continues to grow and evolve, it will be interesting to see how the IPA style continues to develop and influence the broader world of beer. One thing is certain, the India Pale Ale will continue to be a beloved and iconic style for beer drinkers around the world.