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What's in a name?

Back in our homebrew days Lyle and brew-buddy Paul Singleton would make a 5 gallon batch that they had hoped would amount to 2 cases of 22 oz bottles. As luck would have it, they would always come up just two bottles short of their goal. Almost every time they would say to each other, “we’re two shy again!” Two Shy sort of stuck as an unofficial name.

Later on, two of our friends (Paul and Erik) who began brewing with us left for other ventures. Missing them, we felt we were Two Shy of our original brew crew.

Now we feel that the name fits and it’s an allegory of life. Sometimes life doesn't turn out exactly as you had planned, but coming up Two Shy is still pretty great.

What to expect

Where friendships are brewed

We feel that good experiences should be enjoyed with friends and family, pets included. Our family friendly brewery; has both indoor and outdoor seating. Come enjoy a cold one while sitting by the fire, playing a board game with your kids, or watching your team play.

Great Food

Great food and beer go hand in hand, that's why we always have food at Two Shy. We have offerings from some amazing local food trucks. Always tasty and always great with a pint. Follow us on Facebook to see whats to eat tonight!


We always have something going on. Whether it’s live music or interactive trivia, we have more to do here than just drink. Bring some friends and enjoy the atmosphere. Check out our events calendar to see what’s happening this week.

What we stand for

It should be interesting, diverse, and challenging. When we started out, we were unhappy with the state of American beer.

For us, beer means more than just a hoppy IPA and a few porters. We see beer as a landscape full of interesting possibilities. From deep dark stouts to rich creamy Belgian trippels; beer represents a spectrum of possibilities.

At Two Shy Brewing, we stay true to our origins. We know you’re like us - lovers of good beer. Beer that stands on its own. If you’re a lover of beer like us, come and enjoy a cold one at Two Shy Brewery.

To our friends

The brewery and the beer would be nothing without you. We appreciate your business so much. It allows us to do what we absolutely love. What can be better than that?

Please tell us what we could do better or even what we are doing great at. We love hearing your ideas and suggestions. If it’s just high praise you want to give us, follow the link here and leave us a review online. It helps others find us and grows our customer base. We hope to continue to serve great beer to the great people of the Umpqua Valley for years to come! Thank you for your patronage!

-Lyle and Danielle