Two-Shy Brewing started as a couple neighbors hanging out and making beer.  Lyle Hruda rediscovered home brewing after moving to Roseburg and would invite Paul Singleton over to have a Home Brew. Paul quickly learned and joined in. They also immediately realized that "This is way better than what you can get at the store". 

After a couple of months of brewing and having a good time doing it and noticing that they were either not adding enough water to the wort or boiling it over, or something, and seemed to always come up two bottles shy of Two cases.  Noticing this reoccurring anomaly with their fun loving tongue and cheek senses of humor they decided to call their home brewing endeavor Two-Shy Brewing. The name stuck even though it's humble and a little self-deprecating. The two brought Erik Nielsen into the mix in 2010 as they learned of his shared passion for excellent beer. From there the trio has come to the realization that Douglas County with its 26 wineries is thirsty for a Quality Craft Beer.  Combined with the passion and joy that comes with doing what they love; Lyle, Paul and Erik have decided to make the art of Two-Shy Brewing their business!