Another Smokey Day in the Umpqua Valley

Hope y’all are staying out the the smoke! It’s crazy but it’s been weeks since we’ve seen a clear blue sky. Such a sad display. But on the other had, it does give the community folk something to talk about!

About two weeks ago a buddy and I were out in the Umpqua Nat’l Ferrest backpacking along the North Umpqua River Trail. It’s about an 80 mile trek to the end of the trail. Maidu Lake is the beginning of the North Umpqua River. Living on the N. Umpqua most of my life made seeing the end extra special. It’s a gorgeous little lake. Not too deep either, about 20 feet.

Anyway, while my buddy and I were out there, the smoke and fires chased us up the trail. We did not see any fires, except near the beginning, but from what we were told by the Sheriffs Dept, and the Lamolo Lake resort campground host, we stayed ahead of the fire as it jumped around the river. Thanks God we were in no danger…except for the few black bear we saw we stayed safe.

Part the time we were hiking, in the back of my mind I couldn’t help but think, “I really wish I had an Umpqua Trail ISA right now.” Umpqua Trail ISA is one of Two Shy’s popular beer. Just the name alone should be a seller! An India session ale, its brewed to the North Umpqua Trail experience, pine, honey, earthy and hoppy!

So if your in the Umpqua Valley and traveling down Garden Valley, stop by and have an Umpqua Trail. Have one for the forest!

See you next Tuesday!

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